Eco-School in the Wirral takes on the Home Recycling Challenge!

Eco-School in the Wirral takes on the Home Recycling Challenge!

This year, Wastebuster and Recycle Now have been running a national Home Recycling Challenge with the help of TV presenter Maddie Moate and blue, eco-space monkey Captain Busta. Well Lane Primary School in The Wirral, decided the campaign could be a fun way to help them with evidence for their Waste Topic for their Eco-Schools award.

The Challenge was set as a whole-school home-learning activity. First, the Eco-Committee used Busta’s videos to give a presentation to the whole school and encouraged everyone to take part. Pupils took home an activity sheet and circled images of items which they could recycle in their home, (referencing the Recycling Locator). These sheets were then returned to the school and the number was reported to Wastebuster – helping the school achieve Step 4 – Monitoring and Evaulation.

Wendy Hall is the Eco-Coordinator and will use the Home Recycling Challenge as evidence towards their Waste topic for Eco-Schools. They are hopeful that pupils will be able to persuade their parents too, which covers Step 5 – Informing and Involving.

The school used posters, which were received on registration to the Challenge, to stimulate the competitive element of the competition. Classroom leaderboards kept track on which pupils had returned sheets. A school leaderboard kept tallies on how many pupils in each class had returned sheets, with the highest attaining class in Well Lane winning an internal prize.

Wendy said “We’d highly recommend that other schools get involved. We’ve really pushed the competitive element and are even running our own internal competition as we know this is something that both children and parents really love. We hope this will motivate everyone to get involved and give us a good chance of winning some prizes for the school!”

At the end of the competition, the school with the highest percentage of pupils returning their home-learning sheets have a chance of winning £1000 and a special assembly with Captain Busta and TV star Maddie Moate. There are also other fanatastic prizes available.

There is also a family poster element to the campaign, which is done at home. Children can make a list of all the items that can be recycled in their home, decorate it and stick it up in the house. Photos entered into the competition could win an iPad!

The Challenge is open to all primary schools in the UK until the 25th of September, 2017 and can help schools explore and make impact on the Eco-Schools Waste topic and achieve Steps 4 and 5.