Announcing our new Water Topic Champions!

Announcing our new Water Topic Champions!

Here at Eco-Schools we are constantly looking to forge partnerships that can help our wide range of schools to become even more Eco – and have fun in the process.

We are very excited to announce a major partnership around our Water topic – which is going to open up all sorts of opportunities for our Eco-Schools.

WaterAid, supported by 11 major water companies up and down the country, are our new Water topic champions – bringing with them a wealth of experience, resources and campaigns for our schools to really educate their students around this important issue.

And what’s more, the 11 water companies we have brought on board have excellent education offers – with visits to tour their centres and learn all about the water process and outreach in schools through workshops and assemblies – plus much more!

The 11 water companies we have partnered with are; Yorkshire Water, Southern Water, Thames Water, SES Water, Severn Trent, Affinity Water, South East Water, Anglian Water, Wessex Water, Essex & Suffolk Water and Northumberland Water.

We love the fact that all together the water companies cover pretty much the whole country – so wherever you are, you should be able to take advantage of their offer to schools. Check out the different opportunities they offer on our WaterAid page.

And WaterAid as a charity do incredibly important work, ensuring there is clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene across the world. Linking up with them and using their globally focussed resources, can double up as work on the Water topic and the Global Citizenship topic. Head to their website here and watch their inspiring video about their positive vision for the world and how we can improve it.

Lee Wray-Davies, Eco-Schools England Manager: “The partnership with WaterAid is a very significant one for Eco-Schools as you couldn’t ask for better support on our Water topic than a leading water charity and supporting water companies from across England. We are thrilled to have them joining our programme and encourage all of our schools to make the most of the fantastic opportunities they offer in the Water topic.”

If Water is one of your Eco-Committee’s chosen topics, then linking with your local water company is a great way to enhance your efforts in this area. Arrange to visit one of their amazing centres or get some of their staff in to give a talk to the whole school about this precious resource.

We have already seen the benefits of the partnership, with the water companies kindly hosting our series of training for Eco-Co-ordinators this Autumn.

Check out our Water topic page and then head to our WaterAid partnership page to see all of the details of the water company closest to you and how you can get involved with them!