Eco-Schools Training

This September the Eco-Schools team launched our first ever series of online training sessions linked to the Seven Steps and the ten Eco-Schools topics… and we were overwhelmed with your encouraging feedback and the number of signups. Not only that, our new online training has also proven to be a great way to catch up with all our Eco-Coordinators and share ideas and best practice from across the country. A real positive eco-boost that we all needed over the past few months, thank you.

We are therefore extremely pleased to tell you that (back by popular demand) we are launching a whole new series on Eco-Schools online training sessions for 2021. Whether you’re new to the Eco-Schools programme or have already achieved an Eco-Schools Green Flag we have a variety of courses to inform, inspire, guide and support you on your journey to Eco-Schools Green Flag.

These training sessions are designed to support Eco-Coordinators through each stage of the Eco-Schools Seven Step process providing: examples of best practice from schools across the country; a breakdown and analysis of the Eco-Schools criteria; and tasks to help your school community get the maximum benefit from the Eco-Schools programme. Each training session begins with an introductory Zoom call and ends with a live, Zoom Q&A session. Participants will also be asked to submit evidence, relating to each training session, which the Eco-Schools team will check and provide feedback on, helping Eco-Committees achieve Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation. If you are new to the Eco-Schools programme we recommend beginning with our achieving Bronze Award session (also part of the Green Flag Training Bundle), which provides guidance on beginning your Eco-Schools journey.

Click the link above to view our new 2021 online training prospectus and find the right course for you.

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Eco-Schools Online Training 2020-2021

  • Please check the online prospectus above to find the correct course for you. You are able to complete multiple courses, but again please check the online prospectus above to see whether either of our training bundles offer better value.
  • Please note: Our Eco-Schools online training sessions are only open to individuals directly employed by an educational institution (school or nursery).

What teachers have said about previous Eco-Schools training sessions.

‘The training was excellent – one of the best CPD courses I’ve been on.’

‘The training was terrific.’

‘I thought the training was very effective with lots of practical and useful advice/ideas.’

‘It gave me loads of ideas and I’m excited to share them with my Eco-Committee.’

‘Just the right balance of tasks, input and enthusiasm.’

‘The course was great, the trainer was very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable and enthusiastic with what he delivers. The content was really relevant and inspiring. It really helps that he has a very good understanding of schools, children, teaching and our workload.’

100% of teachers surveyed indicated they would now be likely to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.