Home Recycling Challenge Launched!

Home Recycling Challenge Launched!

Eco-Schools are delighted to announce their support for Recycle Now and Wastebuster’s Home Recycling Challenge which officially launched on Monday and runs until 25th September.

Children’s TV presenter, Maddie Moate, is inviting primary schools across the UK to help recruit recycling heroes for a chance to win prizes for their school by entering the challenge. Working alongside Maddie Moate is recycling expert, and Eco-Schools favourite, Captain Busta.

The aim is to get all of the great messages children are learning in schools around recycling taken home and using that amazing ‘pester power’ we know and love to influence the wider community.

The challenge is open to all primary schools and is a fantastic way to explore and make impact on the Eco-Schools Waste topic, which can be used as evidence for your Eco-Schools awards.

By getting your school involved, it also helps to fulfil steps 4, 5 and 7 of the Eco-Schools Seven Step process. See the bottom of this story for more detail on where the links are made.

Schools can take part by sending a Recycling Challenge Sheet home with pupils and registering how many sheets are returned. Schools with the highest % of pupils taking part will win a range of exclusive prizes such as innovative recycled Busta soft toy mascot, and the winning school will win £1000 cash and an exciting assembly with Maddie and Captain Busta. Children entering the poster competition can also win a range of exciting eco-prizes for their family ranging from eco-science packs and Wastebuster Top Trumps to an iPad!

The challenge site contains all you need to know about getting involved – from an introductory film with Maddie and Busta to free downloads and a full run-through of the challenge.

So – head to their amazing new mission launch site here and get your school signed up now!

Links to the Eco-Schools Seven Steps:

4. Monitoring and Evaluation – the photo challenge element sees children taking pictures back in their homes and uploading the items they’ve recycled to the main Wastebuster site. As a teacher, your job is to upload the report of the whole school, which enables you the chance to win some amazing prizes! Your data feeds in to the national picture and can be shared with the rest of the school.

5. Informing and Involving – the challenge is to take the messages home, so clearly by getting the school involved, many parents and other family members will find out about the Eco work that your school is doing.

7. Linking to the Curriculum – Busta has featured in seven new films, all based on different types of recycling – from food waste to electrical goods. These make an excellent starting point for teachers to go on to run a lesson around the Waste topic. There is also a huge new range of teaching resources for Key Stages 1 and 2, which have been produced for the challenge, available to schools that get involved.