Eco-Schools 25th Anniversary Video Campaign

In 2019, Eco-Schools is proud to celebrate 25 years of excellence in the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development. To celebrate, we are launching our #ivegotthepower #ecoschools25 video campaign.

This campaign is aimed at anyone and everyone involved in Eco-Schools whether you are a student, teacher, staff member, assessor, parent, governor or even Eco-Schools Manager! You don’t need to be a budding Steven Spielberg or Jennifer Lawrence to make a difference – all you need to do is record a short video message to our global community using one of our campaign statements:

  • If I was Prime Minister I would…
  • If I was a superhero I would…
  • Everyday I…

Your video should communicate a powerful eco-message that is important to young people today: it should also inspire your community and encourage local and global leaders to act. By the end of the campaign, we hope to demonstrate a unified community of Eco-Schools around the world: imagine what we could achieve if only a fraction of the 19 million young people and 1.4 million teachers involved in Eco-Schools posted a video!

The #ivegotthepower campaign is great evidence for your Eco-Schools Green Flag award either as a topic action or for Step 5: Informing and Involving. If you want to get involved in our anniversary campaign, you can submit your video by 3rd of May to Eco-Schools International here, but please don’t forget to read the guidelines first!

Check out videos from students and teachers around the world on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter #ecoschools25