Water #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Water #EcoSchoolsAtHome

Here it is, our final #EcoSchoolsAtHome resource – this week focusing on Water.

We would like to give a big shout out and thank you to our friends at Thames Water* for helping with all the ideas this week, many of which we have used previously with our own students here in North West England (as it rains so much)! We definitely recommend the Fatberg activity, but maybe wait until after you have eaten.

Download #EcoSchoolsAtHome Water Work

We can’t quite believe it’s been 10 weeks since deciding to create and launch our topic #EcoSchoolsAtHome resources… and wow thank you for sharing and liking them so much! We have been overwhelmed and amazed by all your positive feedback not just from schools in England, but from Eco-Schools overseas too. We are so pleased you have enjoyed using them at home and in class over the last two and half months, BUT please do not think that this is the end of #EcoSchoolsAtHome! We are going to bring together all of the topic ideas to create new, age-specific resources that we will be adding to our website to help with Step 5 Informing and Involving, so that our Eco-Coordinators and Eco-Committees can continue to make an impact beyond the school gates. Also a very big thank you (and good luck) to several of our Eco-Coordinators who have been in touch to say they are going on maternity leave and will be passing on all our #EcoSchoolsAtHome resources to their cover, so that their Eco-Schools work can continue in their absence. Now that’s dedication!

We would also like to take this opportunity to say hello and welcome again to all the families who have started following us and have taken part in our weekly topic activities – its been great to see posts on social media (TwitterInstagramFacebook) of you having Eco-Home fun. Please remember that your Eco-Schools participation doesn’t have to end once home schooling ends, we are sure your child’s school would love your continued support with their Eco-Schools actions. If your child’s school isn’t already a part of the Eco-Schools programme, please let them know about us using our Letter to Headteachers editable word document or Eco-Schools Flyer.

Want more?

Don’t forget you have until Friday to enter our #TheWomblesEcoSchool litter competition. Next week, we will be relaunching our updated and Mindfulness Minutes campaign and remember to take part in our #EcoSchoolsAtHome Waste survey. PLUS lots of exciting new projects for the next academic year you will not want to miss!

So regardless of what happens over the coming weeks and months; whilst our Eco-Schools are still busy then so are we. Stay in touch and keep telling us what we can do to help you and your school on their journey to Green Flag.

As always, stay safe and well Eco-Schools family!

Lee, Francis, Karyn, Shona

* Please note that Thames Water have generously agreed to pay the 1st Green Flag fee for 25 Eco-Schools who they supply fresh water and waste water services to AND who have been working on the Eco-Schools Water topic – get in touch to find out how to apply: ecoschools@keepbritaintidy.org.