Healthy Living #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi 10 day challenge

With lots of energy and excitement, we are jumping into day four of the Frugi 10 day topic challenge for #EcoSchoolsAtHome, today our challenge focuses on the Eco-Schools Healthy Living topic. We want everyone to feel happy and healthy… today is going to be eco-fun!

Download HERE Healthy Living #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi Challenge

Completing our #EcoSchoolsAtHome Frugi challenges in school or at home can be used as evidence towards an Eco-Schools international Green Flag Award, but if you want more ideas here are some of our favourite Healthy Living projects:

  1. Healthy minds are just as important as healthy bodies and we have the perfect Eco-Schools Project to help with this! Head over to our Early Years, Primary or Secondary Healthy Living topic pages after completing today’s challenge, to find out about our Mindfulness Minutes Campaign.
  2. Invite your school sports teams to join your Eco-Committee meetings – could they be more eco and support your Eco-Schools work? This could be linked to refillable water bottles, sustainable transport to and from games/matches or even having an Eco-Schools stall at your next schools sports day that provides sun screen, healthy snacks and water for parents and families who are watching (let’s pretend it won’t rain)!
  3. Nothing tastes better than a strawberry or carrot grown in your own schools grounds. Why not create a seasonal planting diary to plan what fruit and veg you could grow in school. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced grower – start small with one or two raspberry bushes or a few herbs – over time you will grow more confident and your fingers will get greener. Some of our longest standing Green Flag Eco-Schools supply their school and local community with their school-grown, fresh produce all year round!

More About Frugi and Healthy Living

At Frugi we have been working with the same organic cotton factory in India for over 16 years! The factory owner is called Amit and he believes that ‘happy hands make happy clothes!’ He makes sure all of his employees are happy by paying them a fair wage, treating them with respect and protecting them from harm. This enables them to look after their own families and live a good life.

Frugi and Eco-Schools are also extremely excited to announce that from September Frugi will also be funding the Green Flag fees for up to 150 schools in England; from Early Years Foundation (3-5), Primary Schools (5-11) all the way through to Secondary and Further Education (12-18). Check out the Eco-Schools website for more information in the new school year!